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I was a person with strong self-esteem

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I was a person with strong self-esteem

I was a person with strong self-esteem and would not take the initiative to ask him for money to support his family. He hadn’t paid me for half a year before. Supporting him to start a business in another place is because he is on the move and he is still finding that he is obsessed with gambling. I will soon be at work, and I will not even have the energy to control him. I should not continue this kind of marriage. Seek hiding. A: Pseudo-monogamous men often correspond to pseudo-single mothers. You do everything. He gives up his hand and is happy. For a long time, the marriage structure tends towards the matriarchal clan. His presence and absence are like marrying. The so-called strong girls sometimes do not understand business. Your mistake is threefold: First, replica mcm belt you should not support entrepreneurship in other places. The early stage of marriage is an important stage for two people to consolidate their feelings. It needs to cultivate a sense of family responsibility. Separation will allow men to continue the habit of single life. He does not really get into the role of marriage, it is easier to escape responsibility. The correct response is: What kind of business? My marriage to you is not a venture capital. You must first learn how to punch and go to work. Second, you should not give up your financial requirements. You are not a single woman. You and him have two children. You don't need him to raise you. You don't need children. If you give him financial freedom, you are giving him a right of exemption, and your income in a business unit is far from enough to raise two children. So why not pretend to be a strong woman? The correct appeal is: I sent you this month's bill! Three thousand milk powder for children, two thousand diapers, one thousand toy clothes, fake mcm belt one thousand doctors, five thousand babysitters... You hit me a card!

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